Where can we donate or volunteer?

There are numerous opportunities to help out in the community during the pandemic.

Volunteering may look slightly different during a pandemic, but there are still plenty of opportunities to help out.

Food banks, seniors and vulnerable community members need more help, and organizations are shifting their guidelines to keep those who pitch in safe. Some people are sewing masks, others are 3D-printing protective equipment.

The provincial government has launched an online Volunteer Connector tool to connect Albertans with opportunities in their area. Volunteers are currently needed to help with city clean-up, grocery shopping, connecting with seniors and more. 

The City of Edmonton launched Edmonton Gives on May 6 to make it easier for individuals, businesses and organizations to contribute to the city's relief and recovery efforts.

Some neighbourhoods in and around Edmonton have teamed up to support their community members, including offering pickup and delivery of groceries, prescriptions, and Meals on Wheels, or calling seniors who live in long-term care facilities. Volunteer Strathcona is just one example, serving Sherwood Park and Strathcona County. Check out what your local community league has organized, and volunteer to help out if you are able.

Taproot curator Linda Hoang and her brother Oscar have created a directory called Backing Locals, which provides options of where to donate locally and across the country. It's "designed to not only help Canadian business owners, but also charitable organizations, artists and other makers bring attention to their products and services, and generate business, during what’s likely the biggest challenge many have ever faced — the COVID-19 pandemic."

Published By:
Emily Rendell-Watson

Emily Rendell-Watson

Monday, May 25, 2020

by Karen Unland


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For the latest updates on the COVID-19 pandemic, see edmonton.ca/covid19, alberta.ca/covid19, canada.ca/covid19, and the World Health Organization.